Our Mission and Values

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to protect and help all the migrants that come from Central America; to restore their dignity; and to give them hope as they continue on their journey.

Our Vision involves preventing undocumented immigrants from falling into any kind of human trafficking by providing them a safe environment in which they can eat, bathe, and receive all the help they need while they are with us.

Our ultimate goal is to open a center in which migrants can rest and be treated fairly while protecting their human rights.


Truth and Challenge

Many migrants riding The Beast are undocumented and fall into the traps of drug cartels and corrupt police here in Mexico. A large percentage of them disappear, are robbed, or worse, are brutally killed for no reason at all. Many of the children traveling on The Beast are kidnapped and sold in to child pornography and prostitution. It has to be stopped. And we need your help. These people are lovely, dynamic individuals that are dreaming of a better life just like you and me. You can be part of that becoming a reality. You can be a Friend of the Train.