Marcelo Gonzalez

Marcelo Gonzales was born on November 28, 1968 in La Paz Bolivia. He graduated from Lee University in Cleveland Tennessee with a bachelors in Business administration. He has been working on humanitarian aid around the world for 26 years. Three years ago Marcelo founded Amigos Del Tren, and he's been dedicating most of his time helping and caring for immigrants in Mexico.


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Lucero Velazquez

Lucero Velazquez was born on October 22 of 1968 in La Ciudad de Mexico. She graduated from ESEF ( Escuela Superior de Educacion Fisica) with a bachelors in physical education. She work for eight years as a coordinator of the physical education programs for indigenous communities. Three years ago Lucero left everything and dedicated all her time to work with immigrants.



Mia Pereyra

Mia was born on January 18, 1990 in La Paz Bolivia. She graduated from the University of Arkansas with a bachelors in education. She worked at NICS (Network of International Christian Schools) as an international teacher for two years. On August 2016, Mia moved to Mexico to work full-time with the immigrants.